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Ahmed Swapan Mahmud – Executive Director

As executive director and founder of VOICE, Ahmed Swapan Mahmud brings 17 years of experience managing and facilitating development programs and projects in different capacities with a special focus on research and advocacy at both the national and international levels. He also has experience in designing and planning advocacy policy and leads a number of national advocacy networks.

A recognized activist who combines knowledge of the grassroots movements with an adeptness in the policy arena, Ahmed Swapan is still engaged in social movements and progressive cultural fronts. In 2001, in collaboration with David Archer, he developed and applied and innovative new approach to education called REFLECT (Regenerative Freirian Literacy through Empowering Community Techniques) which would lead to the creation of community-based REFLECT circles for gender empowerment several years later.

He is also known as a researcher, focusing especially on issues of corporate globalization, IFIs, the WTO and TNCs. He is a regular contributor on socio-economic and political issues in the national newspapers and also for international magazines and journals.

A graduate in English Literature, Ahmed Swapan worked as a teacher at for several years and also acted as a journalist for national dailies. He has written and/or published many writings on development economics as well as creative writing - poems and literary essays.

He is a creative writer, a poet and essayist, a columnist, a critic, but above all an activist fighting against capitalist imperialist globalization and neo-liberal economic order.

Ahmed Swapan Mahmud
Executive Director, VOICE
Telephone : 00-88-02-8158688, 00-88-171-1881919
E-mail :,,

Farjana Akter - Programme Coordinator

Farjana Akter has been working as Programme Coordinator for VOICE since 2005. She had previously worked for more than 3 years with Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE), a national development organization. Among her major responsibilities as Programme Coordinator are:
• To build constituencies for raising critical awareness and promoting public discourse on target issues by organizing workshops and seminars;
• To prepare and publish educational materials on target issues to distribute and disseminate among the stakeholders;
• To publish a quarterly Bengali-language newsletter, Golaghor, on issues of agriculture and trade;
• To work with local farmers to establish a demonstration seed house and jute plot to promote traditional seed preservation and agricultural practices ;
• To work with local women in implementing and supporting Reflect Circles in rural villages in the Mymensingh area.

Also, she is currently running a project entitled “Resist Corporate Control Over Seed and Food: Building Critical Awareness and Establishing Peoples’ Right to Seed and Food”. The project aims to build critical awareness about seed and food sovereignty issues in Bangladesh and to strengthen and support the social movements working in this sector.
She holds an MA in Library and Information Science from Rajshahi University. Since joining VOICE, she has participated in a number of national and international training workshops and conferences.

Major Publications:
As Author

• Save Our Seed : Save Our Resources (Bangla), 2005
• A Life Sketch : Surjapur to Hong Kong (Bangla), 2006
• Golaghor (SeedHouse), a quarterly newsletter on Agriculture & Trade (Bangla), 2005-present
• ADB Country Systems

As Researcher & Translator

• Corporate Globalization: Agriculture & Trade (Bangla), 2006
• Politics of Aid : Conditionalities and Challenges (Bangla & English), 2006
• Politics of Aid and Conditionalities : the crisis of legitimacy of WB & IMF, 2006

Farjana Akter
Programme Officer, VOICE
Telephone : 00-88-02-8158688,
E-mail :,

Shawdheen Chowdhury, Reflect Trainer

As a reflect trainer Swadheen Chowdhury is working with Voice since 2005 at Mymensingh. Earlier he was working at a social development organization as a trainer.

Swadheen Chowdhury
Reflect Trainer, VOICE
Telephone : 00-88-171-2234163


House #14-Kha/1, Kathgola Bazar

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Dewan Hasan Mahmood, Programme Officer

Dewan Hasan Mahmood has been working as a programme officer at VOICE since May 2009.