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Freedom Online Dialogue held today in Dhaka

By farjana - Posted on 08 December 2018


Speakers stressed to strengthen freedom of expression online facing the restrictions and challenges. They emphasized to uphold the spirit of democracy in online space and urged to the government to comply with the commitments it made to Constitution and follow the International laws and policies including Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Speakers and participants also expressed concern over prevailing and newly introduced laws and said some provisions of such laws might make practicing online free speech difficult for ordinary citizens and journalist.The event titled 'Freedom Online Dialogue' held today in Dhaka which is organised by VOICE in cooperation with APC and SIDA. The dialogue was attended by the CSOs, lawyers, academicians, students and youth activists, private institutes, rights groups, community-based organisations and social movement groups.

Supreme Court Advocate Ershadul Bari, BIID Cheif Executive SHahiuddin Akbar, Senior Lecturer of Law of BRAC University Saimum Rea Piash, Badrul Alam spoke in the panel among others, Johirul Musa presented the research findings while Voice's executive director Ahmed Swapan Mahmud discussed the objectives of the event strengthening and upholding freedom online expression and urged to maintain human rights standards without State's control and interference.

Participants discussed the challenges and expressed concerned over the threats in cyber space while women become the main targets of cyber violence. Speakers also gave importance on continuing dialogues and training programmes countrywide including educational institutions in order to raise critical awareness and establishing cyber peace.