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CSOs to Focus on Climate Finance Oversight in Bangladesh

By farjana - Posted on 22 November 2011

CSOs to Focus on Climate Finance Oversight in Bangladesh

Two day Workshop and a Seminar in South Asia Social Forum Sets the Tone

Dhaka, November 20: CSOs from different parts of Bangladesh converged at a two-day workshop jointly organized by Voice, EquityBD and Bank Information Center has decided to focus more on monitoring the flow of climate finance in the country, insisted the participation of communities at all levels of project planning, implementation and monitoring, and initiated to link with other climate justice movements elsewhere in South Asia to strengthen the movement in Bangladesh.

The workshop has been held on Nov 17-18, 2011 at the Catholic Bishops Conference of Bangladesh at the city titled Politics and Transparency of Climate Finance in Bangladesh was led by activists including Soumya Dutta, India; Dr. Ahsan Uddin Ahmed, Bangladesh; Ahmed Swapan Muhmud, Voice, Bangladesh; Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, of EquityBD; Jelson Garcia and Joe Athialy, Bank Information Center. Senior World Bank officials including Sanjay Kathuria, Acting Country Director, Sayeeda Salim Tauhid and Yuka Makino from Climate Change team were invited in a session to explain their climate related work in Bangladesh and to clarify the involvement of communities in their climate related projects. The participants raised concerns over Bank’s involvement in climate finance, esp playing the role of the climate finance manager.

Among the 45 CSOs representative participated from around the country, the key CSOs included, Transparency International Bangladesh, Democracy Watch, Campaign for Good Governance,  Solidarity, Shabolomby Unnayan Samiti, Prodip, Swa-Unnayan etc,. 

The workshop dealt with the issues of fundamentals of  climate  finance; climate finance and Bangladesh; why does World Bank’s roles in climate finance matter?; Bangladesh investment plan under the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience; struggle for climate justice; and how to monitor climate finance fund.

The two-day workshop was followed by a seminar on Climate Finance Effectiveness in Bangladesh: Role of Civil Society Oversight at the South Asia Social Forum on November 20 at Senate hall in Dhaka University.

The Seminar was led by Soumya Dutta, Ahmed Swapan, Jelson Garcia and Avilash Raul of NGO Forum on ADB.

Soumya Dutta explained the political economy of climate finance. He further said that looking at the climate finance is not just tracking the finances, but making sure about the participation of impacted communities at the decision making process. Rather than trying to address the issues of adaptation and mitigation of climate change, influential countries and corporations are moving towards commodification of carbon and using the crisis for more profits.

Jelson Garcia explained the climate change mechanisms and the opportunities for the CSOs to intervene at the different stages of project. He said about the role the World Bank is playing in climate finance.

Avilash Raul said about the multiple challenges large financial institutions pose, that make any meaningful engagement of the communities very difficult. He asserted the full involvement and ownership of the climate change programs by each country and not let financial institutions call the shots.

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