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VOICE publishes 'A Manual on Economic Literacy'

By voice - Posted on 30 June 2007

In this training manual, Voice Bangladesh stresses that "economic literacy" is a prerequisite to conceptualize, understand, and fight for "economic justice". This manual could benefit NGO workers in the field, farmers, coordinators, political activists, students, and professionals at a local and national level.

It discusses issues related to the market, the fiscal year, wage, multinational companies, colonization, globalization, foreign aid, and donor agencies. Besides introducing these terms, the manual explains how corporate groups have invaded the market of developing countries and create an unjust economic order. Rich countries and multinational corporations are making profit by exploiting the markets of poor nations and brushing away the potential for small entrepreneurs.
Similarly, trade liberalization has inspired privatization which resulted in the governments of poor countries loosing control over their market and their people. It also depicts the policies of the major International Financial Institutions such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and the World Trade Organizations (WTO).

This manual attempts to demystify some of the difficult economic and trade concepts for the grass root practitioner, which are presumably already understood by academics, researchers, and advanced practitioners.