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Other Voice Titles

By voice - Posted on 13 April 2010

For more information on any of these titles or to order a copy, please contact us.


People's Movement for Livelihood

People's Movement for Livelihood (Bangla)



Monga on food, trade and globalization

MONGA: The Art of Politics of Dying (On Food, Trade and Globalization) by Ahmed Swapan Mahmud



Corporate Globalization, Agriculture and trade

Manual: Corporate Globalization, Agriculture and Trade (Bangla)


jiboner golpo

Jiboner Golpo (Bangla)



People's Protocol on Climate Change

By voice - Posted on 05 March 2010

Download the People's Protocol on Climate Change in Bangla here.


Documentary: Troubled Waters: Water Sector Transparency and Accountability viewable NOW

By voice - Posted on 13 September 2009

NEW! Troubled Waters: Water Sector Transparency and Accountability.

Initiated by VOICE in July 2008, this documentary focuses on the
inherent corruption in the water management systems and the problems of
the water services in the Mymensingh municipality. Not only does it
bring to light the inadequacies of the water system and their effects
on the people, but also the role of the administrative system.

The film also highlights how people struggle to have their needs met
and recognized by policy makers and water service providers, further
encouraging the development of more accountable and transparent
practices. It relates the consumers opinions and suggestions on the
feasibility of overcoming the water sector corruption problems. It also
shows the necessity of public awareness of water sector issues so that
people know their basic rights, as well as promotes the building of an
accountable relationship between water service providers and the

See the complete water sector documentary on Youtube here.

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VOICE is now on Youtube and Facebook!

By voice - Posted on 13 September 2009

Voice now has its very own Youtube page where the videos and documentaries described here are viewable by the general public. We invite you to take a look, and leave comments, suggestions, or questions.

Visit the VOICEBD YOUTUBE Page -->

See our new documentary, Troubled Waters: Water Sector Transparency and Accountability (In collaboration with the Water Integrity Network).

See our Reflect Circle Video on Youtube: (part 1) ; (part 2)

See our Perspectives on Aid Video on Youtube:

Read more details about our videos on our Audio/Video page.

Diary from an activist on the COP 14: Part 3

By voice - Posted on 06 December 2008


The whole world is now urging for adaptation program in the COP 14. Many funds have been raised so far to support the adaptation program and many technologies are coming out for the adaptation program. Global fund for the adaptation programmers have raised for helping LDC's countries. But here is also politics that China and India also part of so called LDC's country. But they are not vulnerable as like Bangladesh and many others small Island countries. The interesting thing is India and China the growing power of Asia are asking the equal distribution of money. The most vulnerable countries Bangladesh raised the question that India and China are not in vulnerable position and on the other hand as a neighbor country they are damaging Bangladesh and other neighbor countries environment.

Today I joined a participatory film show organized by IIED, CLACC on adaptation techniques from developing countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Senegal and Malawi. Among them Nepal and Malawi film were most interesting and appropriate for the country like Bangladesh.

Diary from an activist on the COP 14: Part 2

By voice - Posted on 05 December 2008


A press conference was organized by Climate Action Network (CAN) said governments are explicitly needed to commit as they committed in the Bali conference. 2008 is almost end. It is a chance to sign to final compliance. In the Bali, the G 77 was disappointed. Australia said they will cut emission 5-15 per cent below 2000 level 2020. We need Australia this positive approach. They also said we can contribute beginning our traditional technology to adapt the climate change.

Indigenous people do not have access in the negotiation process and development plan. They urged that parties should engage the indigenous community in the process making effective. Also they stressed the Political will.

I also joined CAN adaptation working group meeting. They suggested as in Eco-article that eco system base adaptation program should be approaced. On the other hand they are scared about the global fund of adaptation. Because Global Fund on Adaptation is facing problem of unpredictability and also there is a question of effectiveness. Developing countries are demanding the direct access of Global Fund on Climate Change. Though there is a mechanism coming up to manage the Global Fund but still there has uncertainty. Around 50 countries from LDC get the Global fund and 38 countries are making National Plan of Action for using these funds.

Diary from an activist on the COP 14: Part 1

By voice - Posted on 04 December 2008

The Tide of Talks
Farjana Akter, VOICE


When I heard that I am going to join COP 14 it was amazing to me. I have never been to such a gigantic and important event. However, I am preparing for this climate meeting in Poland.

In Bangladesh there is no visa consulate of the Poland. I had to go to New Delhi for picking up my visa. Though there were many difficulties but the spirit inside me enabled to pass through these hassles and finally, I collected my visa.

I passed long way and arrived the capital of Poland, Warsaw in the morning 10.35 am. From Warsaw, I took a train to the venue, Poznan. In the rail station when I was just looking around suddenly a TV crew surfaced and asked me tell something about Global Warming. I was so surprised that my first speech about Climate Change when I just arrived in Poland!

After 3 hours train journey I arrived Poznan. Some volunteers from COP 14 were there and they help me to get a taxi to join my team at the hotel.

The COP 14 started on 1 December 2008. I joined on 4 December that means 3 days have been passed and the complex negotiations. While I arrived at the venue I saw many colourful banners with picture where showing the danger of climate change.

Use local resources to boost economy

By voice - Posted on 17 October 2008

Speakers urge govt

Staff Correspondent/


Speakers at a discussion yesterday called on the government to increase dependency on local resources instead of foreign loan to accelerate socio-economic development in the country.

They said this at the discussion on 'International financial institutions are the major barrier to development effectiveness' organised by VOICE, a local NGO, at Cirdap auditorium in the city.

Economists, politicians, development workers, civil society organisations, NGOs and human rights groups participated in the discussion.


Home-grown policies can ward off global shocks: speakers

By voice - Posted on 17 October 2008

Staff Correspondent/


 Economists, politicians and rights campaigners have stressed that Bangladesh needs to have its own independent policies to protect its economy from the dangers of global turmoil caused by thoughtless expansion of capitalism.

They blamed international capitalist mode of productions, speculative investment, unjust and undemocratic role of international financial institutions and multinationals for the latest global financial crisis, worst since the Great Depression of 1930.

VOICE to join the Bangladesh Week of Action

By voice - Posted on 07 October 2008

Please join the Bangladesh Week of Action (12-18 October 2008) against Poverty, Hunger and Unjust Development Paradigm. VOICE along with other NGOs, CSOs will launch a week long campaign against illegitimate debt and IFIs. It includes press conference, public programme, cultural show, seminar, workshop, rally and demonstration, poster  and documentary show, capacity building training etc. A culmination programme under the banner of Bangladesh Social Forum will be held on 18th October.

Please extend your solidarity. More soon.