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Enact privacy act to protect personal information

By voice - Posted on 27 August 2010

Staff Correspondent

Speakers at a roundtable discussion yesterday called upon the government to enact a privacy act to protect privacy, personal information, correspondence and means of communication of people.

They pointed out that individual privacy is a constitutional right of every citizen and yet it is being violated at every step of everyone's life and no one can take legal actions against such violation.

The discussion titled "Privacy rights and citizen's concerns" was organised by VOICE in association with Privacy International at the Cirdap auditorium in the city.

"Article 43 of the constitution says every citizen shall have the right to privacy of his correspondence and other means of communication," said Ahmed Swapan Mahmud, executive director of VOICE, a rights-based organisation.

People’s involvement can ensure better results out of development efforts

By voice - Posted on 26 August 2010

Staff Correspondent

Rights and development activists asked the civil society organisations on Wednesday to engage with the donors and the government for effective utilisation of foreign assistance in development activities.

 Speaking at a consultation meeting they said that no development effort, without the involvement of the common people, could provide the desired results.  They called for involving the people with development efforts, from planning to implementation.
 Two forums, Aid Accountability Group and The Reality of Aid, jointly hosted the national consultation session on ‘engagement of civil society organisations in aid effectiveness’ at the National Press Club.
 Palli Karma Shahayak Foundation chairman Qazi Kholikuzzaman Ahmad said it was time to adopt a plan to make Bangladesh, a self-reliant and welfare state, an election pledge of the Awami League-led alliance government.
 He said that the civil society had a huge responsibility to mobilise and involve the people with the process of development.  Kholikuzzaman said that Bangladesh needed a plan to exit from the aid burden.

Consultation Demands a Tri-party Relationship among NGOs, Government and Development Partners to Make Aid More Effective

By voice - Posted on 25 August 2010

Dhaka Consultation; Engagement of Civil Society Organizations on Aid Effectiveness


[Dhaka, 25 August 2010] A national consultation titled `Engagement of Civil Society in Aid Effectiveness’ has been held at the national press club in the city today. The consultation was attended by a wide range of civil society groups including NGOs, community organizations, women rights groups, research and advocacy organizations, trade union groups, academicians, human rights organizations, media and activists. Eminent economist Dr. Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, Chairman of Palli Kormo Sahayak Foundation, Dr. Piash Karim from Brac University, Mohsin Ali, coordinator of Governance Advocacy Forum spoke in the meeting among others. Ahmed Swapan Mahmud, Executive Director of VOICE and Convenor of the Aid Accountability Group (AAG) moderated the consultation.

The meeting suggested to reform the aid delivery management and architecture to create enabling environment for the civil society organizations to make aid more effective. Speakers also said that a tri-party coordination among government-NGO and development agencies is also indispensable to achieve the goals and objectives of the Paris Declaration and Accra Action Agenda, and this should be the integral part of aid and development cooperation.

Capacity and Efficiency of CSOs should be developed: Consultation in Mymensingh

By voice - Posted on 21 August 2010

Civil Society Engagement in Aid Effectiveness

Independent CSO Watch Group Should be Formed to Ensure Aid Effectiveness:
Capacity and Efficiency of CSOs should be developed

Mymensingh, Bangladesh, 21 August 2010

A day-long consultation on “Civil Society Engagement on Aid Effectiveness” was held at the District Council Auditorium in Mymensingh on 21st August 2010. Jointly organized by Aid Accountability Group (AAG) and The Reality of Aid Network, 70 participants along with the local government representatives, political leaders, social workers, women organizations, NGOs, human rights organizations, journalists and activists of greater Mymensingh region participated in the program. Upazilla Chairman of Mymensingh Sadar Mr. Faijur Raman Fakir was present as chief guest while Yazdani Quraeshi, President of Supro (Campaign for Good Governance-CGG) Mymensingh district presided over the meeting.

Capacity building workshop in the city: Accountability and Effectiveness of Aid Demanded

By voice - Posted on 08 August 2010

Ahmad Swapan and Arup Rahee

Dhaka, 08 August 2010

A 2-day long Capacity Building Workshop titled “Development Results: Engaging CSOs In Aid Effectiveness” held at the CBCB Auditorium in Dhaka on 7-8 August 2010. The workshop was jointly organized by Aid Accountability Group (AAG) and The Reality of Aid Network. A number of fifty participants from different civil society organizations and activists of different part of the country took part in the program.

Among others, Ahmed Swapan, Convenor of AAG, Abdul Awal of Noakhali Rural Development Society (NRDS), Mohosin Ali of Wave Foundation, Arup Rahee of Lokoj Institute, Rashed Titumir of Unnayan Onneshan, Ratan Sarker of INCIDIN-Bangladesh, Dipu Shamsul Islam of Speed Trust, Mousumi Biswas of SUPRO, Nayela Akter of BNPS, Md. Atiqul Islam Chowdhury of Equitybd, Sajjad Ansari of ISOL, Rejaul Karim Chowdhury of COAST Trust, Subal Sarker of Bangladesh Bhumiheen Somity, Mohiuddin Md. Akber of KORMI (Pabna), Dahar Khan of Interaction, Madhab C Dutta of SODESH were present.

Upcoming events on aid effectiveness in Dhaka

By voice - Posted on 05 August 2010

The Aid Accountability Group, Bangladesh announces a month-long program for the broad implementation of the Accra Action Agenda, seeking to achieve greater and more meaningful involvement of CSOs in bringing change in aid effectiveness policy and practice. The strategy towards this is the capacity development of CSOs in order for them to initiate and sustain policy dialogue spaces that allow for broader and inclusive participation of various kinds of CSOs at the country and local levels and contribute to changes in policy and practice for aid and development effectiveness.

Country Plan for Bangladesh on Aid Effectiveness Advocacy

By voice - Posted on 19 July 2010

Voice has just released its plan, to be implemented from next month to the end of 2010 and beyond, regarding a national strategy for Aid Effectiveness Advocacy.

Voice invites members of the community and concerned parties to download the plan here and encourages comments and collaborations.

Facebook blocked in Bangladesh: CSOs urge not to censor freedom of expression

By voice - Posted on 01 June 2010

[VOICE, Dhaka, 31 May 2010]

VOICE expresses its serious concern over
 the infringement of freedom of expression and the government’s control on the access to information through blocking the social networking site,

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) blocked access to Facebook last Saturday, 29 May 2010. Facebook is 
increasingly becoming a popular online medium among the youth to stay connected with important opportunities and contacts and perform their socio-cultural, family or livelihood- related activities. Close to one million users in Bangladesh now log on to Facebook on a regular basis.

While we condemn the posting of anti-Islamic elements on Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM), porn links or uploading satiric images of the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition- for which the Government has allegedly banned Facebook, we believe such banning would not help to stop the causes. It only blocks the ‘Freedom of Expression’ rights, Right to Information ACT enacted last year and will only tarnish the image of the country abroad. Such banning is also contrary to the ‘Digital Bangladesh’ declaration of the present Governent, that has got many young people to vote for them.

New VOICE Website Launched

By voice - Posted on 05 May 2010

We are proud to announce the launch of VOICE's brand new website!

With a completely redesigned look and a more user-friendly interface, we hope this new website will go even further than the last one. New drop-down menus and and improved archive section makes it easier than ever to access information on our site. An improved custom search engine will allow you to quickly find the article you need. The new design, besides bringing a more modern, updated look, improves readability by a simpler colour selection, slimmer body and uncluttered header space. 

We hope you enjoy our new site and we sincerely apologize for the long delay.

We invite your comments and suggestions to improve our site! Leave a comment by clicking on the link below. 

VOICE continues its work fighting against unjust economic, political and environmental practices and continues to act as a voice for the unheard. Solidarity!

Get your voice heard!


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By voice - Posted on 14 April 2010

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